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Let me introduce myself. My name is Dmitry Kudryashov. I have been working as a system administrator and software developer for over 15 years. I am ready to cooperate with you.

I try to move with the times that is why I am fond of gaining new skills and knowledges. I speak Russian, Ukrainian, English.

I enjoy traveling and visiting different countries. Communicate with people.

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Design, install, configuration, administration servers Linux (CentOS, FreeBSD, Ubuntu) / Windows (2003-2016). AD, RDP.

I can do it.

Deployment and administration of physical (IBM, HP, etc.) and virtually dedicated servers (Esxi, VmWare, Hyper-V). Experience with Amazon Web Services. Manage backup and restore data.

I can do it.

Experience installing, configuring and administering web servers (Apache, php, Nginx). Experience installing, configuring and administering databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Mariadb, Oracle). Experience with containers (Docker). Experience with Git.

I can do it.

Monitoring the operation of equipment, servers, services and subsystems, analyzing their performance and availability, developing and implementing monitoring functions (Netxms, Zabbix, Zenoss, Nagios).

I can do it.

Software development. Reading and writing scripts (Python).

I can do it.

Works on the organization of multi-level networks and network equipment settings (MikroTik, Sisco, HP). Setup of network protocols.

More than 1000 completed projects. All projects are 100% complete.

IHow to contact me : +38(067)7170827 +38(050)7250318

Can you write me : [email protected]